Die Complemus-Story

COMPLEMUS Real Estate GmbH was formed as company in its present form in 2017. That year, the Dutch company Kadans Vastgoed B.V. reorganised its developer business. Kadans Vastgoed B.V. – active in the project development business for the past twenty years – created a joint venture with the US investment entity Oaktree Capital, and focuses on the development of science park assets. This presented an opportunity to restructure the use of the Kadans brand in Europe. Newly formed in Aachen just across the border in Germany, COMPLEMUS Real Estate GmbH has taken over the existing developer business for light industrial real estate in Germany. KRE Holding B.V., set up on the Dutch side, will remain the majority shareholder of COMPLEMUS Real Estate and back the company with its financial clout.

Today, COMPLEMUS plans, develops, constructs and finances high-end light industrial and logistics properties for renowned companies like DHL, AMAZON and AMEFA Stahlwaren GmbH.

  • Kadans Vastgoed founded
  • Kadans Deutschland founded
  • Evolving/restructuring
    into a multi-family office
  • Kadans Group sold to Oak
    Tree Capital Management
  • KRE Holding founded
    Estate GmbH founded
  • AMAZON logistics
    portfolio sold
  • COMPLEMUS expands
    its activities to include
    the residential segment

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